No. This is not about the newly released FPS games that makes my friends real happy lately. It’s about a habit that stuck with me since I was in my junior year.


I put this here, so everyone who read this because they think I’m gonna talking about this games, feel that-disappointed.

I’ve been watched a lot of things lately. A LOT. At least for me. Seriously, I used to not like watch series or movies. In my spare time, I usually prefer to read, play or sleep. But lately, I prefer to watch something. It began when I found out that HIMYM  (How I Met Your Mother) actually a funny thing. Because I like comedy, I start to binge-watch HIMYM. And I like it! Not only because the comedy, but also the plot (drama) and cross-reference cultural things they like to put in that series.


Honestly, I’m pretty satisfied with the finale (#unpopular_opinion)

Then, I found out that people compare HIMYM and Friends a lot. They said that Friends is actually funnier. And I started to watch Friends. And yes, it’s a lot funnier.


My favorite character from this show : Chandler and Ugly Naked Guy.

After that, another series began to come to me (you know, some people refers it to me). Scrubs, Two and Half-Men, The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Sherlock, Elementary, Joey,Modern Family, Park and Recreation, The Office, Community, Silicon Valley,Master of None, and Louie.


Detective and Comedy. Two of my favorite genres in one. Plus, Detective Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz is so damn cute!

That’s not all. Lately, I like superhero-related stuffs too! It begins when I got spoiler from Captain America : Civil War. Because of that spoiler, I feel that watching at the theater won’t be worth it anymore. So, I asked my friend to tell me what the story was. And, by the way they tell me the story, I begin to think that “Wow, this character development is quite deep. I MUST KNOW HIS OTHER STORY!”. So, I started to read DC and/or Marvel comics and animated-movies. Still a few, but I think I like it. Damn.

Yeah, I actually regret most of my time wasted like this.

But, damn, some of them are real good that they make me can’t stop watch them. Sometimes, the story or character is so relatable to myself that I feel … happy? (I don’t know, it feels good and sad in the same time). Or the moral value delivered is so “quoteable” or “shareable” or “my friends are gonna think that I’m so wise that I can think about that.”.

Here some of my favorite. I hope you can check it out too, so I will have a friend whom I can discuss about them with.

1. Modern Family


Phil, Alex, and Luke are my favorite!

Modern Family is about … err … modern family? It’s about three families that related to each other. Every member of these families has their own story and deals with their own unique problems. It uses a mock-umentary style, so the characters can actually tell you why they do something, what they think about something, or general life lessons about things that happened in the series. I love this series because it shows so much moral values, especially about parents and children. I really think that this series helps me wonder so much things regarding my position as a child of parents, or a later-parent of children. You could understand things that your parents did, which sometimes just so weird or embarrassing simply because they love you so much. Or maybe silly reasons, but after watching this series, you just understand that reasons (you feel that you would do the same to your children).


2. Louie


Louis CK! I like his persona in standup comedy.

It started when I watched Master of None by Aziz Ansari because my friend recommended it. I like the concept and style about that series, and in my surfing through forum and wiki about it (seriously, do this after you watch something), I found that my favorite comic also had this kind of show. Louie. By Louis — freaking – CK.

First, I have to tell you why I love Louis CK (wait, it sounds wrong). I like his persona as a comic when he do his stand up. A person who generally doesn’t care at all about this world, just because he thinks that the most important person in the history of humanity, is himself, but have to do good, because it matters to people around him. I don’t know, but I feel that I can relate so much about this persona. I’m quite sure, in my worst, I will be that dude Louie act as in his standup. Socially awkward, love his children, but sometimes just get enough about them.

I love my kids, because I have them only for 3 days a week — Louis CK

So, basically, it’s about that kind of dude. It tells a story about fictional Louis CK. The persona is mostly true ( I mean, Louis CK really did have same character as Louie in real life), but the story is fiction. I think, this series just shows you about how a man like Louis CK will handle some events in his life. And I like that, because it feels like  I watched how my self gonna react in same kind events (although, some of it most likely is not going to happen).


3. Batman : Under the Red Hood


Spoiler Alert.


I watched this because it ranks first in my googling results about “top ten dc animated movies”. Jason Todd (2nd Robin) was killed by Joker. Batman feels guilty about it, but turns out, Jason still alive and “repackage” himself as Red Hood (former person of Joker). Red Hood, in nutshell, is a Batman, but had no moral value. He thinks that violence and murder are fair in order to bring justice.

You can’t stop crime. But, you, I, can be part of it and control it. — Red Hood

Despite of lack of understanding how the hell Jason could be alive again, I really like the motive of Jason turning into Red Hood. Even since he was Robin, he thinks that violence and murder are fair,so somehow you think that He and Batman just go separate way  and bring justice in his own way. But, actually it’s not the main motive.
It’s , in nutshell, a triangle love between Batman, Joker, and Jason in dark-manly kind of things. Jason is not mad because Batman failed to save him when Joker killed him. Jason is mad because Batman let Joker live after Joker kills him. #ouch

if it had been you
that he beat to a bloody pulp…
…if he had taken you from this worid,
i would’ve done nothing…
…but search the planet for this pathetic pile
of evil death-worshipping garbage…
…and sent him off to hell. — Jason.

I don’t know. I just can understand why Jason so frustrated about it.

And Joker deliver a killer persona about him, when the scene mainly about Jason and Batman and Joker just… being Joker?

After re-read this post, I just conclude that I like a show that I can relate or understand about the story or character. #omg #thatsotrue


Sorry for this long and bad-english-written post. Do you have a series or movie that you love so much?