This post will explain outtakes I got from two books which I bought, like, 6 months ago but I managed to finish them just recently. I have a terrible memory so the outtakes will be so short, only about things that I managed to remember.


Taken from here

TLDR, like they always say: Men need recognition, Women need attention.

A little background, I bought this book because I know I was terrible at any relationship with women. I don’t have any female good friends. I know I needed it so I started working at it. I bought this book with goals to manage a good relationship with a woman, generally. And to be honest, I feel that I make progress!

What impresses me the most about this book is how it so relatable. As a man, I found his explanation about some behavior of us (men) is so true, hence it makes me feel so normal (yeay!). Hmm, what I want to implement from this book is actually about my sensitive side. I’m a guy with ‘feels’ tendency. I take almost every feedback from others (gesture, speech, etc) as a personal attack to me. Like if a girl somehow feels uneasy around me, a man who never laugh at my joke, or my friends give a bored face to me. I always tend to make this stuffs personal: Oh, damn, I’m boring/unfunny/unimportant! And it drives me so crazy.
And what I learned from MFM,WFV is those situations always happen! You don’t have to take it personally. Maybe, you just met them in a bad situation. Everyone, man or woman, has his/her ups and downs. Maybe they feel uneasy because they have unfinished works when they meet you, etc, etc. Don’t overthink it so much. I’m working on this. Still feel personal about most of the stuff, but yeah, I think I make progress.


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A little background, I bought this book to learn stuff about money. I feel like in my college years, I didn’t do so good with my money. But turns out, this book is not focusing on how to manage your money etc, etc. It’s about managing your assets.

You should define how rich yourself by defining how well you manage your asset. (Kiyosaki actually explained a lot of things regarding debt, tax, etc).  An asset is something that gives you a periodic income. By this definition, I think a property is an asset but a gold is not. Property can give you a periodic income (which he refers as non-stop profit because you can always get profit without losing your asset) by renting it. Gold only gives you one-time profit, which is when you sell it. After that, you lose your gold and can’t get any more profit.

Hmm, I don’t know. I think what he’s trying to say is: get anything that can give you money without selling it. Hence, I think the best investment for him is things that can be rented (?) Which he emphasized in the property because people always need a place to live in.


I actually bought another book from Dale Carnegie about how to maintain networking/relation (I forgot the title, LOL), but I don’t get any ‘memorable’ lesson from it. Just don’t be an asshole. Treat other the way you want to be treated.

That’s all folks.




  1. muzavan · Juni 30, 2017

    Hi this is yourself. This post has a poor-grammar. Please revise it soon.

  2. Fajar N Putra · Juli 3, 2017

    Azek. benerin grammar urang lah pan kalo gitu. hehehe
    “I actually bought another book from Dale Carnegie about how to maintain networking/relation”
    Urang kemaren uga beli buku Dale Carnegie judulnya “Six Ways to Make People Like You”

    • muzavan · Juli 16, 2017

      Pake grammarrly fa~~, ditunggu reviewnya haha

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