WWE 30 Day Challenge

In this post, I will answer some of the WWE 30 Day Challenges. I’m really excited to write about this. This challenge should be answered by tweeting one by one every day, but because I’m busy (read: lazy!), I will make a single blog post to answer all these. Hope you guys like it! (By guys, I mean everyone who do watch WWE, LOL).

Anyway, this post may be updated in the future because I don’t have all the answers right now, or simply I change my mind.

Let’s start it!

#1 Favorite Current Raw Wrestler

Samoa Joe! The freaking submission machine. I’m really glad when he won the Fatal-5-Way to determine no. 1 contender match. He’s like Brock Lesnar. Someone who has the physique like a legitimate bad ass. And the most important things, can cut a good promo and not a part timer!

#2 Favorite Current SD Wrestler

Hmm, I’m torn between Kevin Owen or AJ Styles. They both have great numbers of move set, which is very entertaining and not boring at all. I also like Sami Zayn, and I do really think he deserves better than his current position. I’m gonna go with AJ Styles for now.


#3 Favorite Current NXT Wrestler

(Ex) D.I.Y. Both Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. They are a talented wrestler. I first saw their match in the Cruiserweight competition and fell in love immediately. I’m a bit sad about their breakup recently. I’m OK with the breakup, but I think it’s too soon. And it should be a main-roster material, not NXT.


#4 Favorite Current Cruiserweight

I want to say Neville at first, but I think everybody agrees on that! My second favorite is Austin Aries which left WWE recently. I’m gonna go with Akira Tozawa. He is fun! Even more with Titus Brand storyline. I like every time Tozawa said “HAH!” or had a “WTF dude” face every time Titus talks. LOL.

#5 Favorite Theme Song

Hmm… I think it’s between Rising Sun for Nakamura and Worlds Apart for Zayn. I’m gonna go with Nakamura because of his theatrics entrance along the theme song.

#6 Favorite PPV

Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble. Both have an interesting stipulation. Enough said.

#7 Favorite WWE Match of All Time

Disclaimer: I usually only watch the highlights of a match because there is a time difference between Indonesia and USA, which makes me can’t watch WWE Event live, and I prefer to watch the highlights to help me catch up with the latest result quickly. Hmm… I’m torn between KO vs Sami Zayn in last year and triple tag team championship match D.I.Y vs The Revival vs The A.o.P. I’m gonna go with KO vs Sami Zayn. Oh wait, I forgot about Sami Zayn vs Nakamura. Definitely that. It changes the way I look at WWE. I really thought that grappling and luchador are the basic (and only) move in wrestling, but then I saw striking style by Nakamura. And I loved it! This helps me learn more about wrestling style. Techincal, submission, high-flying. and more! I really love Cruiserweight competition because it helps me saw more wrestling style.


I found Career vs Belt match between Ziggler and The Miz is also great. With the issue that Ziggler may leave WWE, everyone thought The Miz will retain. The build up and match are also great. But the follow-up….is shit.


#8 If You Could Make 1 Wrestler World Champion, Who Would It Be?

Sami Zayn. He deserves it. I know he doesn’t have the physique but… he’s really good! I love Samoa Joe and Nakamura, but I really think they are gonna get it one day. Zayn? I don’t think so.

#9 Favorite WWE Faction of All Time

I’m confused actually. Is The Shield considered as a Faction? Or simply Tag Team?

#10 Favorite Main Roster Tag Team

Currently? The Fashion Police. They’re funny and talented. Fandango and Breeze are good. But they’re not used properly. For the serious one, I think I will go with Sheamus and Cesaro. They are really good.

#11 Favorite NXT Tag Team

Shit. D.I.Y has broken up, Revival is going to the main roster. I don’t know. I don’t really like Author of Pain though. Oh. Is Sanity considered tag team? Hahaha.

#12 Favorite Title Belt

The U.K Championship belt. It looks bad ass and cool. I don’t think any current belt is even close to that belt.

#13 Favorite NXT Match of All Time

Zayn vs Nakamura. LOL. I already used it. Maybe Bayley vs Banks Iron-Woman match.

#14 Favorite Main Roster Champion

Hmm, let’s see the current list. Brock Lesnar (Universal), Jinder Mahal (WWE), The Miz (Intercontinental), AJ Styles (US), Sheamus and Cesaro (RAW TT), The Usos (SD TT), Alexa Bliss (RAW Woman), Naomi (SD Woman) and Neville (Cruiserweight). I will go with The Miz. I want to see the break up with Maryse and Miz-tourage storyline. But please, no more Dean Ambrose. Let’s move on. On the other hand, Alexa Bliss always cut a great promo when she is the champion. I’m gonna go with both of them.

#15 Favorite NXT Champion

Asuka? Her recent Last-Woman-Standing match is superb.

#16 Most Underrated WWE Wrestler

The Fashion Police. C’mon!

#17 Most Overrated WWE Wrestler

This is an unpopular opinion, but I’m gonna go with Braun Strauman. I think fans cheered him only because he beats up Roman Reigns. LOL.

#18 Favorite WWE Entrance

Nakamura FTW!

#19 Favorite WWE Merch

I have never bought this kind of things, so I don’t know. I only have the WWE belt, and it already makes me happy 😛

#20 Favorite Current Smackdown Female Wrestler

Technically, Charlotte. But, overall, of course, my love, Becky Lynch. ❤ (Recently I’m scrolling through all her IG posts and turns out Becky already has a boyfriend. Quite give me a heartbreak 😦 LOL )

#21 Favorite Current Raw Female Wrestler

Technically, Sasha Banks. Overall, Alexa Bliss.

#22 WWE Dream Match

I’m gonna go with Tornado Tag Team match between The Club vs Hardy Boyz vs D.I.Y vs The Revival.

#23 Favorite Male Wrestler of All Time

Of course the G.O.A.T. Chris Jericho! What are you, a stupid idiot? Do you know what happened to people who can’t figure this out? Do you know what happened? You’ve just made the list!

#24 Favorite Female Wrestler of All Time

Becky. Lynch. I know this is so subjective and personal. LOL! Maybe AJ Lee.

#25 Favorite Feud of All Time

Streak vs Career Match between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. The promo, the build up, the match, even the post-match stipulation are great.

#26 Favorite Wrestlemania

I don’t know. Every one of them has its ups and downs. And I don’t know much about the first ones.

#27 Favorite Finisher

Currently, I think the only electrifying and out-of-nowhere finisher is RKO. But, for the finisher that I want to try, is Phenomenal Forearm. LOL.

Oh. The 450 Splash.

#28 Favorite Debut/Return

Recently, of course, AJ Styles in Royal Rumble. The moment is really amazing. Even watching the reaction video is so funny.

#29 Earliest Memory of WWE

For the game, it’s the Smackdown! Know Your Roles! on PS1. For the live event, it’s Shawn Michaels drug testing. Which lead to him throwing his piss at McMahon. Hahaha. I watched it when I was in 4th or 5th grade and in Ramadan. What a great childhood. LOL!

#30 Favorite Match Stipulation

How about we have No.1 Contender match stipulation? By this, every week No.1 Contender can be changed. Eh, wait…the more I think about it, it’s weird. Will have so little time to build up feud if the contender is always changing.

Current favorite stipulation? I quit.




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