No, I’m not talking about Barney’s playbooks.

I’m talking about Google Playbook.



Lately, I tried to finish some of my old books. You know, the kind that looks so shiny when you were in the bookstore, but somehow does not make you want to read it after you buy it and put it on your bookshelf. And you know what, after I forced my self to read/finish the books, somehow I feel that my life is better. Not suddenly better. More like, when I read a book, so many ideas came to my mind and it makes me explore or do something. These ideas/activities make me productive. Or, at least, make me feel productive. ūüėõ

That’s why now I forced my self to read a book every month. I know that’s not an¬†ambitious goal. I know some friends who will read more than that each month. Reading leads me to explore or do new things, which is both exciting and necessary for me.

Amazon Kindle

I just realize that owning many books actually create a problem: you have too many books. Currently, I still rent a room (not a house), which makes me have a space problem. After finishing a book, I don’t know what to do with the books. I might need it in the future (this is a big lie, I rarely re-read something, LOL) or I just can give, lend, or sell it.

Then, an idea came to my mind: what about reading ebooks instead of a real book? I know many people suggest that nothing can replace a real book. But I don’t mind. A friend once told me about Amazon Kindle and he said that it was recommended. I searched its review on youtube and many people said it was one of their best investment.

Unfortunately, turns out it was kind of hard to find and buy it in Bandung. So I postpone my plan to buy it.

Google Playbook

Recently, I had a chat with Wulung and somehow my intention about Kindle turned up. Wulung shared his experience reading books via Google Playbook and it was kind of good. Instead of pdf, Google Playbook usually offers the ebook in free flow format (you can modify the font, size, background color of the book) so you can set it up to whatever suits you best.

Honestly, at first, I felt skeptical. I browsed books on Google Playbook before, and no interesting books are on Google Playbook. But after that chat, I browsed it again and turns out its collection quite varies. I can find a techincal book, biography, comedy, etc. Most of my recent wish list of books can be found on Google Playbook.

Google Playbook gives a sample for each book you wish to buy. I tried to read the sample, and then I just loved it! I can set the font to whatever suits me best. I can highlight and give a note for a particular part (which make the process¬†of creating a review or resume of a book I just¬†read will be easier: just screenshot interesting part and share it :P). I can simply mark a word I can’t understand and it will give me the definition. And most important thing: owning it does not take up the space of my room. Awesome. All features I wish to get from Kindle are actually granted on Google Playbook.


So far, I have bought two books from Google Playbook and finished one of them. I used Indosat as cell provider and Google Play Store accept payment via my mobile credit (what is “pulsa” ?). ¬†Really hoped Google Playbook will make me read and learn a lot!


(pretty sure, things you said or promised online will be forgotten like, in two weeks)


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