#WWEFanFiction : New Day vs Wyatt Family

(WWEFanFiction is my new post type, which will discuss about my imagination about recent or upcoming storyline/feud in WWE. Inspired by “How WWE should have booked” section by WhatCulture Wrestling. If you have any comments or feedbacks, please tell me via comment so we can discuss it!)

For upcoming main event, Battleground, some feuds have been built up in WWE. John Cena vs AJ Styles seems gonna be booked as tag-team match with The Club and Enzo and Cass as respective partners. Sasha Banks will face Charlotte for WWE Woman’s Champion. Seth Rollins will reclaim the title he only-lost-once from Dean Ambrose, with Roman Reigns probably in (or out).

Short Review for Other Feuds

John Cena cs vs AJ Styles cs should be a great, match-wise but not in story-wise. Wrestlers involved in this match are veteran (John Cena, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows) and hot new-comer (Enzo and Cass). Both first and latter are loved by fans, and have good skills in ring. It’s a good step for Enzo and Cass for involving in this match. Unfortunately, for me, the feud is not backed by a good storyline. I still don’t understand why The Club and Enzo and Cass have to be involved in this match. John Cena and AJ Styles have history in their recent match in Money in the Bank, so I think it’s better to book this rematch rather than involving more superstars.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte is going to be a great match iff (in CS, we use this term to say ‘if and if only’, I don’t know if it’s a general term though) either Sasha or Charlotte win clean. It’s too boring if Charlotte win via dirty-play again. My prediction though, Sasha will claim the title and be The Boss. By the way, I forget to mention Becky Lynch vs Natalya. I love Becky so much that I don’t care about the match or story as long as the lass-kicker wins :p.


The Shield triple threat match is surprisingly not giving me any hype. Roman Reigns has been suspended due to wellness-policy and not involve in the build up for main event. Rollins and Ambrose are not that good at selling their feud. Ambrose doesn’t care and Rollins puts so much words about it. I used to like about lunatic side of Ambrose, and I just don’t feel it with title on his shoulder. Oh, I think their respective finisher give a huge factor about their match. Their finishers are either boring or not-believable. In my opinion, Rollins doesn’t pull off Pedigree and Dirty Deeds is not giving that-much impact. Hope in Battleground, they give a great match and many surprising moves or taunts. For Roman Reigns, I think he should been pulled out from the match. Give Reigns a long break, even after his suspension. Roman Reigns is not good in mic skill, and fans keep booing him when he talks. Reigns should go to gym, bulk up his body much more, (make his haters miss him!) and come back as Lesnar-type wrestler. He doesn’t need to say many words with this persona (so his bad mic skills not gonna be a problem). Just a wrestler who came to kick everyone ass(es?). He is a powerhouse-type wrestler. Honestly, I like him. The matches that been booked for him recently are good (if not great). People always criticize him for having limited moves. His moves may be limited, but he can sell it so good as if every his moves is giving so much damages.

Crap, this is a long-short review. More on this later.

New Day vs Wyatt Family

Many articles state rumor about how New Day is gonna be booked to lose their Tag-Team Titles to Wyatt Family in Battleground. From recent show, Xavier Woods showed us how scared he is of Wyatt Family (which was a good acting, by the way). If WWE is still care about rational storyline, I think it should affect Woods performance in main event. Woods is not gonna do much things (if he is involved, it’s possible he is walking out from his partner either before or in the match) in the match, so basically it’s kind of 2 on 3 match. Wyatt Family has great members: Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strauman (who is never be pinned in televised match, as far as I can remember). Wyatt Family is totally gonna win the match.

After win the match, Wyatt Family will get the title. They gonna do their remarkable pose with the titles in their hands.

What an intimidating pose

In upcoming event in RAW, Wyatt Family returns to ring and make announcement : they disclaim the title! Why? Because the title is never been their target. They fight and dominate New Day because of their beliefs, not the titles.

Wyatt Family believes (and want to people believing) that we live in a cruel, dark world. If Cena tells you never give up, Wyatt Family tells you to give up, because not everybody is John Cena. John Cena is lucky. He has access and environment that will support him to not give up. You are not John Cena. You don’t have them. Don’t even try, it’s just gonna be a waste.

New Day teach us about positivity. Never be sad, because you can always smile and be happy about anything. Wyatt Family comes and tells us to not be happy. It’s not fair to smile, because there are people out there who has no reason to smile. Nothing to be happy for. It’s cruel world. It’s a bullshit to be happy.

They are hilarious and entertaining. But their run has reached its end.

Wyatt Family just want you to realize that you lived in this world, which anything can be led you to sadness and chaos.

Wyatt Family will disclaim their title, which lead to a tournament for Tag-Team Championship. Wyatt Family will just sit there in their iconic chair and watch the match. At the end, they will gang up the winner and give speech about how it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad guys, you are willing to hurt anybody to win something you want. You just basically don’t care about anyone. Nobody care about anybody. Once again, you live in cruel, dark world.

Another intimidation taunt

Yeah, it’s only my imagination. Quite a bad story. Hahaha. But I think, with a story like this, Wyatt Family is gonna be built up as a top-heel in WWE. They have their iconic persona. They have their iconic beliefs. All they need are a good story that align with their persona and beliefs. You see, WWE has John Cena as face leader who always tells you good things, good behaviour, etc. You need the opposite persona. Times ago, WWE has Stone Cold and Undertaker who have bad persona, but at the end people cheer for them and love them.

Simply, WWE need to put Wyatt Family to be the top heel. What do they need to do? Create a believe-able and rational story about Wyatt Family, which align with their persona and beliefs.

This is my first #WWEFanFiction and it’s quite rough. Do you have any idea how things are supposed to be booked? Write a comment and we will discuss it!


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